What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Stress The 4 signs for the diagnosis.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Stress The 4 signs for the diagnosis.

Introduction Of What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Stress The 4 signs for the diagnosis.

The four main symptoms that a person  with generalized anxiety disorder can present in their day to day day, that is, the four signs that this could be happening to you, but before talking about these four signs, I would just like to remind you a little bit that the generalized anxiety disorder sucker is, right, and that’s it, to talk about it.

I remember one of the my first patient is from a private practice I was finishing my r 3 thousand the 3rd year of residency at the hospital of the clinics of the medical faculty of the USP and a colleague referred me to her nephew who was going through some difficulties.

 A Big Advertising Agency

So that I could attend to myself I will change some data to preserve his privacy obviously but he was a very smart guy he was 24 years old at the time he he was an advertising graduate he was on the rise in his career he had just been hired by a big company a big advertising agency.

He was already in the administrative position super high quality he was a brilliant guy he was that são paulo himself was the eldest son of three brothers and since he was a child he used to say that he was a super good student he never had any difficulty at school.

He was very nervous before the tests even studying even though he knew it was ok he was worried before the tests he was very afraid of public speaking is then when he had to make a presentation where he was very nervous not sweaty in the throat.

A Lot Of Attention

But it never got in his way and then he came right to the office because he had been waking up in the middle of the night for about four or five months no could sleep he was unable to concentrate on work started an activity in his mind.

He would fly he had to and trying hard and he was very tired he couldn’t perform his activities he was exhausted right ii and well anyway he had other symptoms. I made the diagnosis of anxiety generalized anxiety disorder it’s not for him.

Then I’ll explain it right some more criteria something he said called me a lot of attention it affected me a lot he asked hey but if it takes away my anxiety it will impair performance he went to my city help me right I did I do a lot because I get worried.

 A Constant Apprehension

Because I’m anxious I don’t think that I’m too worried, right, that’s very cool, right, that reminds me of a class I also had there at the medical school and at the medical residency in psychiatry that has to do with anxiety performance anxiety is a natural thing for every human being every animal has to do with the body’s alert system in the face of threats.

So when a threat comes, the body is in a state of constant apprehension. are he gets anxious contours all adrenergic and taken so that if an attack comes we can respond both to attack and to flee faster in a city a constant state of alert in the face of danger that is uncertain you don’t know where you’re going come but it is imminent ie it will happen at any moment you have a constant apprehension.

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Anxiety Is Unpleasant

It is by definition all anxiety is unpleasant and anxiety is delicious we give it another name right and everyone has this anxiety there is a very cool curve that I will show for you, this graph that anxiety will understand it will increase our performance until the moment comes.

Where the body can no longer take it where the level of anxiety begins to cause the body to go into exhaustion and then the symptoms of the tag begin to appears I say that it is more or less like a hair dryer, right, it was made by a voltage of 110 volts you plug it into a 220 volt socket.

It will work very well very  fast for a while but then it won’t withstand that voltage he will get exhausted he will stop working so this patient is the idea that I explained to him we don’t want to end anxiety in his life but we do want to get back get the city back to a level.

A Future Depression

Where it’s helping you where you can use anxiety to your advantage to make peace with it and not have it drain your energy and lead to a future depression picture we have many studies showing that the team, if it is not treated, is almost 100% of the cases over five to ten years.

They will evolve into a depressive condition due to exhaustion, so what symptoms did this patient have that you can provide to observe both yourself and people you know who may be suffering from the tag and without realizing it, right then these are the symptoms.

The first of them is a difficulty to stop worrying so I feel it the key of the team is this is a difficulty to stop worrying even in situations where you have no reason to worry your mind keeps producing anticipatory thoughts for the future.

Second Symptom Is Irritability

This is the first symptom a second symptom is irritability is very common that these people are in quotes the nerves on the edge small in comfortable small attacks in frustrations the person feels here in a very very intense way as if they were really raw.

They tend to be a little more explosive a little more incisive in the answers na then it is difficult to stop worrying about the very intense irritability the third point is tiredness these people prefer mental tiredness especially at the end of the day but many patients say that at the beginning of the day they wake up with a tired body and with the tired mind is like a constant exhaustion.

 Intense Irritability Tiredness

When they go to rest they can’t, so it’s difficulty to stop worrying has irritability a constant tiredness and a change in sleep mainly an initial insomnia that is the person tries to lie down to sleep and starts with worries thoughts about the future there are things they have to do is what I have to do with this expression it is very common.

In anxious situations or else the person falls asleep due to the state of exhaustion, only he wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about things he has to solve, right then, there are four of the symptoms: difficulty to stop worrying and intense irritability tiredness easy fatigue and sleep disturbance both to get to sleep and to stay asleep the whole night.

An Adequate Treatment

If you have one or more of these symptoms it is not for a period of three to six months this happens a large part of the days it is important for you to seek help because it is possible to treat it, there are effective treatments that help to greatly reduce this suffering and provide energy for we can use the important things in our life.

The things that have a motivating purpose for us, of course, the diagnosis can only be made by a specialist doctor in the case a psychiatrist can do, only he can guide an adequate treatment, which is not always with medication, right? it’s a part of the treatment.