What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder And How to Treat it?

Generalized Anxiety
What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder And How to Treat it?

Introduction Of What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder And How to Treat it?

Today we talk about how to treat a generalized anxiety condition how to treat it is an anxious condition, right, each anxious condition has a specific treatment but what I ‘m going to say is for the vast majority of anxious frames just to remind you that anxiety is an apprehension a feeling of constant alertness ahead is a future danger.

A future threat that it is uncertain but it is very important so anxiety has the see how difficult it is to relax and stop worrying, how does the treatment work, it ‘s a simple thing, anxiety, this difficulty to stop worrying has to do with a hyperactivation of a central area in the brain.

Mainly related to a region called the amygdala, right? there are other regions involved as well, but basically the amygdala, right, the insula, very primitive regions, they are very alert These and the more evolved frontal parts of the brain are not getting it.


And this has to do with a neurotransmitter a substance called serotonin so in short, the treatment involves increasing serotonin levels in the central region of the amygdala, right and increasing the control that our brain our body has our own society.

How do we do it we do it in two ways the first is through training and lifestyle changes and the second is through medical serotonin medications, you know, training and lifestyle changes life helps right so one of the ones that have more studies.

In several high impact journals in several meta-analyses is a type of therapy it’s not called cognitive behavioral therapy it doesn’t mean that it’s just that type of therapy but what if cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that has a lot of cassia for anxious cases.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Right, this type of therapy helps the person to recognize situations. It’s feelings and feelings that can generate this kind of anxious reaction and work strategies to deal with these feelings and with these situations in another way, right then, cognitive-behavioral therapy is something.

I always say that is very effective meditation techniques more fans the Ivorian through him serves as a gym for me tiné with the regular practice of mainz but there is a decrease in the activation of the amygdala there is an increase in frontal activation that serves to stop anxiety so magnificent it is like a gym that helps the body learn to relax himself, so cognitive-behavioral therapy an information we have foods that help in this serotonergic improvement.

Foods That Can Help Increase Our Serotonin Levels

Foods that can help increase our serotonin levels, right and other therapeutic activities such as physical activity yoga, right and other activities that involve feeling the body you are in contact with m your body and with the feeling in the present moment.

But mainly physical exercise yoga na so these lifestyle changes they help a lot in these anxious frames in general but it takes about three months for us to observe the effects some people may already feel the improvement at the beginning.

But we can wait up to three months for those people who are not improving, right with these changes taking a long time to improve or because their symptoms are very intense and are impacting their lives a lot, we end up associating.

Serotonergic Antidepressant

It with medications serotoninergic antidepressants that are called serotoninergic antidepressants selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors the specific mechanism of action on me very safe songs they do not cause dependence and it is always important that is when we chose to introduce the serotonergic antidepressant because of an anxious condition.

We always have that having a plan is the beginning, middle and end of treatment it’s the treatment it has to have this plan objective is to make the person well with the minimum of medication preferably without medication this is the objective right then this myth that treatment with anti-depressant medication is addictive.

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Choose The Antidepressant

It has to be forever that no it is true of course that the doctor together with the patient for each case has to choose the antidepressant that will be most effective with the least side effects but antidepressants take a while to take effect they can take two 4 sometimes up to six weeks to improve, I pulled how we act at this beginning for the person who is feeling all those anxious symptoms, right, we do n’t, sometimes we won’t be able to leave there waiting all this time, right.

In these cases we put medication already fast relief, which are anxiolytics and these are the medications that are like this in quotes the great villains of psychiatry, right these are medications that relieve instantly in about 40 minutes one hour it they decrease the tone anxious relationship hot they are very effective but you have to be careful.

The Main Mistake 

This is the main mistake that many doctors make that many patients end up doing is that using these drugs as if they were the treatment they do not increase serotonin and they just turn off this center of the brain they put the brain to sleep it ‘s like an anesthetic examples of these medications are benzodiazepines would revolt frontal alprazolam right that is the frontal itself.

The lorazepam heat acso bromazepan that alex otan right and there are several others these patches we use yes but we always use a plan for them to be withdrawn because because they cause dependence they can worsen long- term memory they can increase the risk of falls and accidents.

 General Treatment Plan

So we don’t want to leave these drugs for a long time we associate until the antidepressant take effect and the antidepressant has to have a beginning, middle and end for what so that the patient can be more comfortable and using these activities these strategies of change a lifestyle.

Then this is the general treatment plan on the beach for the anxious condition mainly due to generalized anxiety disorder but it is important that if you suspect that you have it is a picture of if you do not hesitate to look for an expert so that he can outline the best plan for you.