What Is Adult ADHD And Explains Their Symptoms

Adult ADHD
What Is Adult ADHD And Explains Their Symptoms

What Is Adult ADHD And Explains Their Symptoms

A picture composed of three spheres three symptoms from attention and hyperactivity and impulsiveness and until very recently people thought they were specialists in the work where it is at my residence that the ph it has to start is very child is the child has to present the TH.

This can evolve in adult life too a lot of old psychiatrist is not that I had contact during the residency that I didn’t even believe that there were tbh in the adult, right, that now has a child’s illness.

Nowadays we know that this is not true on the contrary a series of studies a series of evidences have shown that there is indeed a TVH that can start later in a person’s life or a ph here when the child person had very little symptoms and that the symptoms will become more evident in adulthood.

Symptoms Of The Disease

Right and today there are many adults who are extremely capable, intelligent, responsible, only who suffer a lot from these symptoms of the disease, they are labeled as irresponsible, lazy, and sloppy when in fact, they have this neurobiological condition that is not being treated.

So let’s get to know some characteristics that may indicate that there is a tele h in the adult and that you yourself can perceive in your own daily life or in the daily life of those you know and that this can lead to make an appointment and suddenly a diagnosis the most appropriate treatment.

Substantially change the person’s quality of life so let’s go th just to remember air is composed of the three symptoms of inattention hyperactivity impulsivity and the adult also the text gives this here it will have a different form of the child right.

Managing Time 

So one of the things is the first sign you can see in everyday life is an adult with ph it is a difficulty in time management are people who are always late for appointments or who miss appointments or who always arrive very late there is a friend of mine with th that he always misses his flight.

Right several times he ends up not being able to catch the flight has to take a different flight and then there are people who have this difficulty managing time this number 1 number 2 has to do with the person only being able to fulfill their tasks within a very tight deadline as people.

They give performance is their performance is better when they have to do something at the last minute so only people who leave it to the last minute they a procrastinating leave it to the last minute a and in the last hour it seems that the performance increases.

Inherent Characteristic

This really happens is having an overload of energetic better performance and they manage to do it but always running spends a lot of energy the third has to do now with a symptom of impulsivity are people who end up ending romantic relationships in a very premature way they end up ending the relationship.

Several impulsive technicians due to a fight or something that went wrong the person simply goes there and ends up ending a relationship sometimes a relationship of years right tv 1 even the patient came with th because she ended a marriage decided to end a marriage.

It is because her husband ruined the flowers she had bought the day before that is a very impulsive thing due to this inherent characteristic of the picture so number 3 would be these abrupt relationship endings number 4 has to do with with that also with impulsiveness.

Impulsiveness In Traffic

Only now at work it’s usually people who give up they own a job who resign who change who leave their job but without having another job in sight, that is, doing that planning projector unhappy at work I’m not enjoying it I’m going to see other clothes units will start doing interviews.

Then yes I’m going to transition to do this one smooth transition is very difficult the person who left the job are sometimes a little lost without having this planning without having a substrate and financial even to be able to keep them grandkids this is another sign there.

The other signs also have a little to do with it with this part of impulsivity, sometimes a little bit of hyperactivity, we end up seeing this by combining these three in traffic, so they are people who usually have many fines, many accidents, many problems due to inattention and impulsiveness in traffic.

Traffic Is An Important Factor

Many people who crash their car, many people who have speeding, they receive several fines, right, it ‘s because of these impulsive characteristics ade and hyperactivity of attention in traffic traffic is also an important factor and there is also what we see in pph is that it has an irregular are emotional and motivational .

How is it so this is another point also to gain an adult usually having an instability an emotional deregulation at the same time, sometimes, in a matter of a few minutes, the person goes from being very excited about something to even very irritable; outbursts of anger are when they can’t do that.

All of this sometimes has a variation in about minutes or of hours, that is, a very intense emotional roller coaster that th in the adult can present another point is the penultimate point is a demotivation when there is no challenge a very big threat is there is an example of a patient of mine.

A Threat Is An Important Characteristic

Who also has tph one adult than him when he has a challenge at work a very difficult thing to do they get energized and can do it very intensely when he has a girlfriend action that he is going to be fired it seems that it motivates him in a very intense way and when it passes.

When he manages to solve the problem or is to make peace with the boss showing his performance that gives a demotivation it seems that everything is dull he does not manages to maintain that performance more begins to cause several failures in the job so this demotivation when there is no challenge a threat is an important characteristic.

The last characteristic also has to do with this emotional part it has to do with a difficulty in managing negative emotions such as that’s it sometimes tph an adult adult who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when he is feeling distressed annoyed.

Examinations And Investigations

He feels it so intensely that he can’t today have a lot of difficulty fulfilling his obligations right at work family obligations obligations social and can’t just be isolated, stays feeling it and ends up leaving everything and then he also procrastinates when he can’t manage the emotion or it’s decent a bad thing to say ok I’m going to put that aside a little bit.

I’m going to do my homework later I’m going to worry about it I can’t make this transition in so when he feels he gets very caught up in that feeling and ends up leaving his obligations aside so it’s these signs if you have any of them or if you know people who have some of these signs it’s very important to invite that person for an evaluation.

So you can do an anamnesis do some examinations and investigations and being able to make a treatment the treatment can dramatically change the quality of life of these people and make people who understand h in the adult who in general have what in much higher than the average to be proven by several studies showing that they are intelligent people the treatment makes these people reach the potential.

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