What about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder how the dth diagnosis is made there is still a lot of doubt about it  so there are four main tools that we use to make this diagnosis the first tool is the psychiatric clinical consultation which is a super important tool it is still the most used tool that we use most to make this diagnosis.

Not that we see in the consultation that can help us to make a diagnosis of HIV the child or an adult is then first, we observe the behavior of the person, right, observe how much the person pays attention to you, observe when the person pays attention to the environment we collect data from their life history.

Consultation Is The Most Important Instrument

It is as much social history as academic history professional history and we can also do it some physical exams to see if there is a neurological condition that may be contributing to having symptoms, and in addition, in the consultation itself.

We have some tests, some questionnaires that we can apply right there, right at the time of the consultation in the office itself that they can give us a more substantial tool for us to be able to talk about whether or not we have this diagnosis would have h but we don’t just use consultation.

Consultation is the most important instrument but we can put other things to complement so we can assemble this th puzzle second step that we usually end up doing is a consultation an interview with family members sometimes with the mother with the wife with the husband of the patient or the patient.

Map The Symptoms 

That this person can tell us what their view is on day-to-day life like the organization how is it it is meeting deadlines, as is the day-to-day in this person, they are very stuck on their cell phone, if they don’t stay, they can give information it is much more relevant and this consultation is always.

Right, preferably done together with the patient himself so that he does not have I don’t have things that aren’t talked about secrets, right and the goal is to be very direct, right, we can see it, map the symptoms and be able to see if that person who knows more.

The patient who is close by, can see it in the day to day or not so the first step is to consult the second step is an interview with family members with relatives and with people who live with the person what is this is a test made by neuropsychologists psychologists specialized in this that apply a battery of many questionnaires.

Types Of Verbal Intelligence

Many tests many exercises that will evaluate each area of the brain each area of the functioning of the brain of this person so there ar specific tests for intelligence and intelligence has several types of verbal intelligence mathematical intelligence spatial intelligence has specific tests for memory short-term memory.

But long-term memory for attention attention at a point tension in the environment alternating attention from one point to another and with that this neuropsychologist makes a report and it ends up showing us at what point of each curve.

What percentage the person can score on each of these items and see wow, is it much better to have a very good specific attention to numbers but very good attention to words bad right then the person can we can have a bring to the as if it were a very complete map of how that person’s brain works.


So it is a very valuable test that in many cases we end up asking, right, to complement this diagnosis, there are some tests, yes we can ask, we can ask for blood tests to see how the anemia issue is, dosage of the vitamin is folic acid and vitamin b12 vitamin d why why the change in some vitamins can cause changes in attention can cause impulsive behaviors we also ask to see how the part of liver.

How is the person’s kidney to see if everything is working properly, that is, we do a check to discard everything, right? when they are increased, they can cause several symptoms, not even behavioral symptoms, we sometimes ask for brain scans.

We can also ask for an MRI to be able to see if there is any lesion or tumor any alteration in the vascularization of the brain that may be causing a deficiency intend to change behavior there is today an exam called spectrum which is photon tomography a single one is an exam who can see how the person’s brain functions through the blood flow data is very cool.

Confirm The Diagnosis

I’m putting some images for you to see how it works how this brain spectrum looks like with these m we start we can see if it exists also a functioning ippon is a decrease in functioning in prefrontal areas which is very common is impatient with th which are areas related to motivation to impulse control and apart from tension so with these it is often we ask to be able to confirm the diagnosis to be able to make a differential diagnosis with other things.

Sometimes we can even ask r to see if the patient ‘s response to the treatment is because sometimes changing these m of the spectrum is this indicates this can be associated with a good response or not to the treatment that we do but then I tell you the diagnosis again. it’s not just one way the main means of diagnosis is the consultation where we make an evaluation an exam.

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Hormone And Vitamin Tests

Some tests the interview with family members and with relatives and with people who live with person number three the neuropsychological test or exam is also a tool it’s the mapping of all cognitive functions , very important and blood tests and brain imaging tests, highlighting some of them.

Even hormone and vitamin tests and the brain spectrum that can give us very useful information so that we can plan the treatment ok I hope I managed to clarify a little bit, right and a little easier way, as the reasoning is not such a simple thing but we can When putting together this puzzle, we can have a much greater certainty in the diagnosis than we had in the past.