What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar

What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar
What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar

Introduction Of What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar

What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar. As we give up sugar the first thing that happens is that our body needs to adjust to the lack of sugar coming in that used to come in and this adjustment period can last from a day a few days to even a few weeks depending on your personal makeup on how much sugar you used to consume so during this adjustment phase there can be some unpleasant symptoms to look out for right.

Consuming A Lot Of Sugar

The first of those is low mood if you’ve been consuming a lot of sugar and eating a lot of sweet things then chances are when you stop eating those sweet things the mood will dip a little bit feelings of sadness might come in during this adjustment period the second symptom of adjustment is sleeping too much or not sleeping at all so sleep changes.

Changes in your sleep pattern maybe you’re waking up earlier than usual maybe you’re having broken sleep maybe you are needing to nap in the day so any one of these things can happen during that adjustment phase next on the list is mental tiredness and lack of concentration you might find that during those few days of adjustment your mental focus.

The ability to concentrate on your work or projects goes down a little bit so that’s the third thing the fourth on the list is cravings if you’re someone who used to eat a lot of sugar and then you stopped suddenly then cravings might kick in and that’s only natural because you’re lacking something that your body is very used to so the fourth on the list is cravings.

Nausea Is A Symptom Of Quitting Sugar

Fifth on the list is fatigue giving up sugar can not only bring with it mental tiredness but physical fatigue as well so you might feel drained in energy you might feel a little more tired than usual next on the list is dizziness yes dizziness can also happen during this adjustment period when your body is getting used to the new level of sugar intake.

Nausea is also a symptom of quitting sugar during that adjustment period when your body is getting used to the new sugar consumption levels the final on the list is headaches you might find that you have headaches as you quit sugar and this is because your body is adjusting to the lack of sugar in your diet so this adjustment phase can last from a day.

A few days even weeks it is best to do this process slowly if you decide to put sugar cold turkey then these symptoms might be more exaggerated right and in that case it’s best to work with a healthcare professional or a nutritionist so that they can guide you through this process because it’s not an easy process right.

Consume A Meal High In Sugar

Giving up sugar will find that the less sugar you consume the less sugar you want to consume you’ll find that giving up sugar after a period of time completely takes away your cravings and that happened to me when i gave up sugar i was surprised that i didn’t want sugar after a while and i was someone who had a big big big sweet tooth right i love sweet things i love my chocolate.

And when i decided to give it up the first few days were difficult but then those cravings never came back it’s been a few years now since i’ve given up sugar and i just have no cravings for sugar and that’s probably because i don’t indulge in it because when i indulge in it i find that those cravings come back up next on the list is stable energy levels so giving up sugar can really stabilize your energy levels and that’s because your blood sugar levels stop fluctuating.

When we consume a meal high in sugar a lot of sugar as we consume it our blood sugar starts to rise and it rises quite rapidly especially if you’re consuming sugar white processed foods things like that so as we consume that high sugar food our blood sugar rises but a few hours later our blood sugar starts to go down and when the blood sugar is rising we feel a lot of energy.

Low Inflammation Levels

When it goes down we can feel fatigued so cutting up sugar can really stabilize our energy levels and you’ll find that sometimes even after eating a sugary meal you feel tired because high blood sugar can yes give us energy but it can also fatigue us so once that sugar is eliminated or reduced in the diet energy levels stabilize.

When you consume sugar the mood lifts you get excited but when the sugar crash happens when the blood sugar starts to go down irritability mood swings feelings of feeling low all those things set in so the third benefit is stable mood fourth on the list is better immunity a study has shown that consuming about 100 grams of sugar can reduce the functionality of white blood cells by almost 40 percent.

White blood cells are an important part of the immune system right so if we eliminate sugar if we reduce the consumption of sugar it will improve our immunity right and the next important benefit and that is reduced inflammation these days we have plenty of diets that are anti-inflammatory promising low inflammation levels or no inflammation at all or reduced inflammation.

Chances Of Acne

The one of the best things that you can do to lower your inflammation levels is to eliminate sugar right sugar is one of the most important reasons for inflammation in the body and eliminating that helps greatly and the next benefit which is reduced acne a study showed that cons frequent consumption of sugar can increase the chances of acne by 30 percent

Stopped eating foods that I’m allergic to and that cleared up my skin instantly so that’s another benefit of sugar reduced acne clearer looking skin and the next benefit also relates to skin cutting down on sugar eliminating sugar can prevent premature aging it can lead to younger looking skin and that is because consumption of sugar produces something known as ages advanced glycation.

Products and these ages are known to cause fine lines wrinkles and they can even stiffen up elastin and collagen which are the proteins in the skin leading to older looking skin so cutting down on sugar eliminating sugar has a lot of benefits for younger looking skin

next on the list is a clearer mind yes and this is also related to blood sugar fluctuations because blood sugar fluctuation high blood sugar or low blood sugar both can cause mental tiredness thick it can cause brain fog so when you break that cycle of blood sugar fluctuations your blood sugar stabilizes and you have a clear mind through and through.

Weight Loss

The ninth benefit is weight loss yes weight loss is a natural outcome of giving up sugar reducing reducing sugar or cutting down on sugar and that’s simply because we rarely consume sugar by itself right unless you’re having a spoon of sugar in black coffee or something like that usually sugar comes with a lot of calories whether it’s pastries or cakes or biscuits or your favorite dessert or ice cream.

There’s a lot of calories right that come along with sugar a lot of fats that come along with sugar and often if you’re eating something processed with sugar then a lot of chemicals as well and all these can lead to an excessive intake of calories they can lead to inflammation in the body because of the chemicals and additives that go into processed foods so cutting down on sugar eliminating sugar from the diet will automatically.

If you’re consuming a lot of ice creams and cakes and biscuits and all these things cereals right it will automatically cut down on a lot of calories and that can lead to weight loss the tenth benefit is lower insulin levels if you are someone who suffers from high insulin if you are someone who suffers from from insulin resistance.

Lower Insulin Levels

Due to high insulin levels then chances are cutting down on sugar will lower your insulin levels and that can lead to better health the last benefit is that it can lower the risk of disease and that is simply because a lot of diseases are linked with two things high insulin and high inflammation right high insulin insulin resistance is linked with pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes and inflammation is linked with a bunch of conditions as well including diabetes asthma arthritis rheumatoid.

Arthritis things like that so when you cut down on sugar you cut down on insulin you cut down on inflammation and that can lead to better health and lower the risk of diseases , under supervision of a healthcare professional or a nutrition professional who specializes in this sort of thing because that will reduce the symptoms you feel right they’ll manage the process for you and i also wanted to tell you the benefits of giving up sugar those are plenty.

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