The Healthiest Protein In The World Is An Egg

The Healthiest Protein In The World Is An Egg
The Healthiest Protein In The World Is An Egg

Introduction Of The Healthiest Protein In The World Is An Egg

The Healthiest Protein In The World Is An Egg. Food protein can only be what is an egg and we will discuss why this is so today even some pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to extract certain proteins and a hare and their use in medicines because they have a lot of useful properties in eggs revealed over.

Eggs have a yellow part yolk

One and a half thousands of unique proteins and these proteins have a variety of functions including strengthening the immune system counteracting microbes fighting inflammation there are a lot of useful properties so let’s start what is an egg eggs have a yellow part yolk there is a white part we all call this an egg although in fact the egg is the yolk the white part eggs are not an egg.

They are food for the egg itself, that is, for the yolk, what is so special about the egg, it is very different from other protein sources, most of the other proteins are found in muscle tissue and the egg is an embryo and the quality of the nutrients in the vece is simply the transcendent quality of the amino acids in the egg is higher than.

That of any other lka except for breast milk, and the composition of the nutrients is perhaps more diverse than other proteins and they have the highest bioavailability. They have almost all fat-soluble vitamins and almost all water-soluble vitamins except vitamin C, so this is a quality source of protein, of course, unless it’s store-bought eggs are better and the eggs you should buy are pastured organic eggs.

Eggs have a yellow part yolk

Keep your chickens like me and eat their eggs

If you can keep your chickens like me and eat their eggs this is the best or buy eggs from a farmer’s market because depending on the diet the nutrient content of the eggs varies a lot if the Kurt diet is correct and you can get in twenty times more vitamin e five times more vitamin d 10 times more vitamin a.

I was talking about a 0 and bioactive forum in exactly a and even 6 times more selenium unfortunately in the year 68 its reputation was ruined because of all this it took about 50 years to fix the cholesterol hype and reputation, and in 2015 finally, after all these years, the restriction on eggs associated with dietary cholesterol has been lifted and now.

We can eat eggs again after so many years we were hammered that eggs are bad there are two main points of view on cholesterol we get from food increases blood cholesterol and it clogs blood vessels is one theory and according to 2 theories, cholesterol accumulates as a result or as a result of inflammation or damage inside the vessels, since cholesterol is part of the patch.

49 per cent of the egg is converted to body tissue

That heals the court from the inside, many high-quality studies speak in favour of 2 theories, let’s look at some details regarding protein, many of its types do not turn in body tissue proteins, most of the protein is lost as nitrogen or converted to glucose, but about 49 per cent of the egg is converted to body tissue, this is almost the highest possible efficiency among all types of protein except breast milk.

As for nutrients, the egg has absolutely all fat-soluble proteins times vitamins a d e k vitamin k1 and vitamin k2 are amazing vitamins that help to extract calcium from soft tissues these fat soluble vitamins are essential for brain health for the health of the hormonal system and the eyes most of the fat soluble vitamins are found in the yolks also have all the b vitamins.

This is b1 b2 b3 and b5 b6 biotin for Dvina, even in egg white there are many vitamins of group b the yolk is also very rich in minerals it has many microelements and minerals it has magnesium potassium there is phosphorus calcium there is iodine it has strong zinc and copper, in general, there are a lot of minerals in eggs lots of omega 3 fatty acids.

Reduces inflammation egg yolk

That reduces inflammation egg yolk is a great source of Alina halen it is an antidote for cholesterol it helps break down cholesterol Halen promotes brain function and all neurotransmitters of all foods liver is the first place in terms of choline content egg yolk is second if I ask you where is more protein forever whites or yolks you probably say those in the protein

But this is not so the yolk consists of protein by 15 per cent egg white is only 11 this is interesting because there are people who think that there is more protein in the egg white but we don’t know what else is in the yolk the eternal yolk has carotenoids what is it carotenoids are a compound that provides additional health benefits and for example, lutein and zeaxanthin are essential for the.

Prevention of macular degeneration and for eye health especially in street diabetes many properties counteract microbes, especially in the intestines of eggs an excellent source of antioxidants in eggs there are anti-inflammatory proteins and as I said it has anti cancer and tumour properties also it has regulatory properties.

Eggs have their own colostrum

Which helps with irritable bowel syndrome colitis and other intestinal inflammations and think about this milk has colostrum it strengthens the immunity of the growing calf and if it is breast milk then the child’s immunity is so here in eggs have their own colostrum for a real chicken, so the egg has colostrum that is useful and for our immune system.

There are even interesting proteins that help reduce blood pressure how many eggs a day you need to eat what it depends on your build and desire to eat eggs, I think somewhere like at least 4 eggs every day and sometimes 8 because sometimes I eat eggs both in my first meal and in my second simply because we have very high quality eggs because we keep chickens and our chickens lay a lot of eggs probably 15 or 16 eggs every day.

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