The Best Test For Calcium Deficiency Make It At Home

The Best Test For Calcium Deficiency Make It At Home
The Best Test For Calcium Deficiency Make It At Home

Introduction Of The Best Test For Calcium Deficiency Make It At Home

The Best Test For Calcium Deficiency Make It At Home. A calcium deficiency is quite common but its cause is usually not that a person does not take calcium and does not get it from food usually calcium is either poorly absorbed or the body does not use it correctly in this video we will discuss the symptoms of calcium deficiency and all other causes.

Cause calcium deficiency

That can cause calcium deficiency and a very simple home test and so what are the symptoms well firstly anxiety irritability insomnia muscle tension spasms or cramps lower back pain constipation high blood pressure palpitations often and nosebleeds happen with calcium deficiency soft nails can also be an indicator of frequent manifestations of herpes burning even though.

You and 2 went out into the sun and urticaria frequent high temperature may be due to calcium deficiency because calcium regulates immunity remember when children had a fever we gave them calcium and she immediately recession la frequent hoarseness chronic cough and difficulty falling asleep calcium is a mineral needed by our muscles bones tendons ligaments nervous system.

Calcium is also involved in the transmission

Calcium is also involved in the transmission of signals between nerves and its absorption is affected by many things first vitamin d if you lack vitamin d you will not be able to you should absorb calcium if you have enough vitamin d calcium absorption increases as much as 20 times this is a huge increase in calcium absorption and vitamin d deficiency many people have magnesium.

If you lack magnesium it will be more difficult for you to absorb calcium because magnesium and calcium work in pairs another factor is hydrochloric acid in gastric juice if you lack hydrochloric acid like many who are over 40 50 60 because, with age, hydrochloric acid becomes less and acid is needed for the absorption of minerals, especially calcium lack of essential fatty acids such as omega-3. You Can Also Read Enlarged prostate The Best Nutrient for Prostate Health.

These acids help to absorb calcium and with a lack of omega -3 fatty acids, it will be much t harder to absorb calcium the next moment lowered estrogen let’s say you are in menopause and estrogen production has decreased this can affect calcium another factor is your page if it is too alkaline and we are talking about as much blood normally blood should be alkaline but.

Absorb the calcium

If it is excessively alkaline you too will be very difficult to absorb the calcium it can begin to be deposited in the eyes in the form of cataracts on the teeth like tartar in barrels in the form of stones in the joints seeing arthritis and on the bones, you see the pores if the ph is incorrect it will be more difficult to absorb calcium.

If you have intestinal inflammation it will be much harder for you to absorb calcium everything diseases of the gastrointestinal tract irritable bowel diverticulitis Crohn’s disease can seriously impair the absorption of certain minerals especially calcium and the next point is curious hypothyroidism the thyroid gland must be normal so that calcium is normally absorbed.

If the thyroid gland is weak as in Hashimoto’s disease this can be the cause of low calcium and the thyroid gland also produces leads the hormone calcitonin with low calcite, they also can not be calcium deficiency, as you can see, there are a lot of different factors; inflate it from your ankles and track the moment when you start to feel a spasm if the pressure gauge is less than 200.

Indicator of calcium deficiency

We suspect calcium deficiency and of course, if you have a peripheral vascular disease you should not do such a test, the reasons may be different, but this is a good indicator of calcium deficiency if the pressure gauge shows from 200 to 220 you have enough calcium, and if from 220 to 240 you have the optimal amount of calcium.

But you donโ€™t need to pump above 240, all this is in millimetres of mercury with calcium deficiency, there are often muscle spasms in a calm state, especially during sleep, this test, as it were, imitates where terms in zoomed in so you can understand these numbers and describe them in detail so that you can return to them, and so if you have a calcium deficiency, then before taking calcium, you need to make sure that you are not solving the wrong problem, because.

There can be many other reasons let’s go over the additional information, let’s start with hydrochloric acid, how to understand that you do not have enough of it, you have indigestion, if so, this may be the reason why you do not absorb calcium, then you should take something like betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar with magnesium, it will be a little more difficult.

You need magnesium to increase the absorption calcium

You can pass the intracellular test is a little more complicated but my question is whether you eat enough leafy greens this is a good indicator of whether you have enough magnesium if you do not like and do not eat vegetables most likely you have a magnesium deficiency and then you need magnesium to increase absorption calcium by the way calcium you get and from leafy greens.

What essential fatty acids do you eat a lot of fish if you have you have inflammation if you have arthritis if you answered yes to any question maybe you need good omega-3s or better yet start eating more salmon or sardines cod liver oil everything rich in omega 3 fatty acids I love cod liver oil because it has not only omega 3 but at the same time it has vitamin d vitamin.

What about ph how do know if it is too alkaline look but one common symptom of too alkaline blood ph is slight twitches here it can be under the left eye or anywhere else slight twitching is called you, not me, so maybe then you need to start drinking apple cider vinegar regularly take betaine hydrochloride all this should increase acidity.

Normal and that low estrogen

That is, remove the skew in the page, but to improve your there is one caveat here, you need to fix your diet and the page will return to normal and that low estrogen, let’s say you have menopause, this may be the reason that you can do it but a lot of things I will give a link in the description to detailed information about menopause and a lack of vitamin d is your immune system weakened.

If you have depression do you have back pain all these are indicators of low vitamin d is it winter are you taking vitamin t are you getting enough sun in general, look for other reasons where the deficiency came from and see which of the reasons is most suitable.