How to test for adrenal burnout 7 home tests

How to test for adrenal burnout 7 home tests
How to test for adrenal burnout 7 home tests

Introduction Of How to test for adrenal burnout 7 home tests

How to test for adrenal burnout 7 home tests. Tests that can be done to determine if you have adrenal fatigue I will tell you honestly medicine does not recognize the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue doctors recognize the existence of diseases of the adrenal glands such as Addison’s disease when the adrenal glands no longer produce hormones and the opposite of Cushing’s syndrome.

When cortisol is produced in excess

When cortisol is produced in excess another name is hypercorticism, but your problem may be somewhere between these two extremes, you don’t wake up one day with Addison’s disease or Cushing’s syndrome, these disorders develop gradually, they suddenly, but medicine does not recognize all these intermediate conditions as a disease or, in other words.

Asymptomatic forms of these diseases probably one of the reasons is that it is very difficult to detect blood tests do not show them because the adrenal glands are closely related to the autonomic nervous system I will show several tests they can be done even at home to understand what happens to your autonomic nervous system I tell the sympathetic nervous system.

It’s fight or flight and to the parasympathetic nervous system it’s rest and digestion first I’ll list the symptoms of adrenal fatigue this is insomnia very important symptom dizziness when you stand up too fast you have a cloudy mind poor stress tolerance you don’t can handle stress just as easily as before you can have low libido you can have allergies or asthma your immune system doesn’t work well.

You can get sick easily due to low resistance

You can get sick easily due to low resistance

You can get sick easily due to low resistance there can be inflammation because you have a weakened powerful anti-inflammatory function of the adrenal glands and this leads to inflammation all diseases ending in it are some kind of inflammation you may have a poor concentration of attention with such adrenal glands your attention is scattered you are solving problems around.

The clock you have difficulty with food sharpening on one thing for some time It’s not distracted by something else, such a situation arises you take on a lot of things but do not complete them because the adrenal glands are two small glands above the kidneys located deep in the abdomen they respond to stress they help.

The body copes with the stress they adapt many functions organism of a stressful situation, but today many people are faced with the problem of chronic stress I have to run away from a real tiger, but they feel that way in constant mental stress and the big problem is that this mental stress has no physical outlet, you are not running away from anyone, but simply sit still and such stress accumulates.

Adrenal fatigue it will either become lower

It can affect sleep and much more now let’s look at 7 home tests the first is called a test and tonsil it is very simple you will need a tonometer a piece of paper and a pen you need to measure your blood pressure while lying in a relaxed state and write it down then gotta get up and immediately re- measure.

The pressure again in the normal upper systolic pressure should rise by 6 10 points but if you have adrenal fatigue it will either become lower or rise very high I have seen both situations when you stand up there is some adaptation if the adaptation mechanism does not work due to weak adrenals your blood pressure can drop by 10 points or 20 points and I have seen a drop and 30.

If you get up and the pressure drops so much it means there is a serious problem with the adrenal glands so the change in pressure can be assessed in the state of the adrenal glands the second test is done by the iris, its other name if you are interested, then with the paradoxical reaction of the pupil, you check how the autonomic nervous system controls the muscles of the eye when light enters it.

How the body limits eye contact from excess light

If you look at your eyes the moment when you leave a dark room into a bright light, you see how the body limits eye contact from excess light if you look at the sky on a sunny day your pupil will narrow which reduces the amount of light entering your eyes to perform the test first adapt your eyes to the darkness stay there for about a minute while you need to have a mirror nearby.

But do not shine directly into your eye shine at a certain angle and when you do it with the other eye, see what happens to the eye in which you shine normally when you shine into the eye and the pupil should narrow and this reduced pupil, in other words, this black hole in the eye should remain narrowed for at least 30 seconds, but if the adrenal glands are weakened and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

Find out who can affect the eyes more you will notice that the body cannot hold the pupil is narrowed to our state you can see a couple of things either the pupil will dilate then narrow back and forth I have seen this or it narrows first and after ten seconds it expands becomes larger in this way if the pupil does not remain constricted while you continue to shine into the eye.

Cause may be weak adrenal glands test

The cause may be weak adrenal glands test number three is very simple you need to hold your breath completely pinch your nose with your fingers and just do not breathe normally if the adrenal glands are in good condition you should be able to not breathe for at least 40 seconds but the worse the condition of the adrenal glands, the less this time is possible.

You cannot breathe for only 10 15 or 20 seconds and then you urgently need air this may indicate weakness of the adrenal glands because the body that is under stress is not able to stay without air for a long time test number 4 here is just to watch how you recover from exercise people with adrenal fatigue don’t recover very well from workouts you can notice a pulse.

Before during and after a workout if the adrenal glands’ weak pulse just won’t go down it stays elevated longer than it should or you can just sub Actively evaluate your post-workout condition if your adrenals are fine you recover but if they are weak but recovery takes a long time you will have a hard time after your workout and you may recover for several days.

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Stress probably your adrenal glands

So your ability to recover is highly dependent on your adrenals test number 5 your ability to handle stress is better than you no one can answer the question themselves can you handle stress can you not get irritated in a stressful situation do not lose your temper do not get depressed if you are not very good.

You carry stress probably your adrenal glands can not cope number six your ability to climb and climb a hill or climb stairs any climbing exercise will be difficult for you if you have tired adrenal glands because for them it is stressful even when you just stand up it can cause dizziness or even fainting this is a poorly functioning adrenal gland and finally number seven action a really good way to understand.

What’s going on with your adrenal glands how long do you sleep do you get up in the middle of the night and especially around 2 am if yes then it could be due to cortisol or do you go to bed comfortably sleep at night and wake up refreshed in the morning this is a great indicator whether you have healthy adrenal glands or not if you or your friends have any of these.

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