How to increase height? Is it possible to get taller

How to increase height? Is it possible to get taller
How to increase height? Is it possible to get taller

Introduction Of How to increase height? Is it possible to get taller?

How to increase height? Is it possible to get taller? Whose children did not develop as other children in these families should have been tall but one could not grow up they asked my advice and I will tell you what I advised them because it worked at the age of 1 year and until puberty, a person normally adds about five centimetres a year and after reaching puberty about 10 centimetres?

Five centimetres a year

A year and somewhere between 18 and 20 years of age, growth practically stops. on average some people stop growing a little earlier and others will grow for a while but that’s about the age at which growth stops so if you’re 20 or younger and would like to grow some more my advice can help you but of course, there is a genetic limit, however.

If you are deficient in certain nutrients it can greatly affect your growth, here are the 3 hormones you depend on growth process 1 is called growth hormone it is produced by the pituitary gland and it acts through the liver the next hormone fr1 insulin-like growth factor number one this hormone is produced by the liver and is controlled by growth hormone and finally.

The thyroid gland if it produces few hormones can cause growth retardation to let’s start with growth hormone which can lead to a deficiency of this hormone The first list of nutrients that can affect growth hormone is zinc most stunted children are deficient in zinc and many people with growth hormone deficiency are also usually deficient in zinc.

Zinc is a very important micronutrient

Zinc is a very important micronutrient needed for more chemical reactions than all the other micronutrients put together here are a couple of possible causes of zinc deficiency in the diet too many foods with phytic acid it is in all grains and all these so-called healthy whole grains that you are advised can lead to serious deficiency zinc depletes zinc and something.

Else sugar empty carbohydrates alcohol and caffeine and stress you may also not get enough zinc from your diet not eating shellfish red meat or for example you are a vegan these can all create a zinc deficiency another possible cause of growth hormone deficiency is hunger, I’m not talking about planned fasting with the intake of all nutrients, but about hunger.

When you deprive yourself of all vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids and essential fatty acids about such hunger, my height is only 188 my father’s height is 196 and my brother is about two meters my mother’s height is 178 and my total 188 think I stunted my height by wrestling in school from 9th to 12th grade and then in college until I hurt my neck wrestlers often have to reduce their weight by starving all season.

Those who do not eat protein may not produce growth hormone?

I did that too I remember once before a competition I had to cut weight and overweight I had a very big one and in three days I managed to lose a lot to achieve this I put on plastics bags and practised almost the whole day a lot of body drinking almost nothing I ate something like a couple of stalks of celery a couple of bags of McDonald’s potatoes and a little more of some not the most healthy food.

I was exhausted but forced myself to exercise in the end I achieved I was at my desired weight and then quickly gained weight again and this went on for several years all these hunger strikes increased training stress and lack of nutrients probably had a significant impact on my health in general and so if you lack growth hormone. You Can Also Read Chronic fatigue No forces How to feel young.

You need zinc you also need to eat enough protein foods so people who do not eat protein may not produce growth hormone point number three is very important and this sleep seems to be growth hormone while you sleep and if you sleep badly if you have problems sleeping and at the same time you are a teenager this can be the reason growth retardation next on the list is obesity.

Hormone is activated growth

The more fat you have in your body, the less your hormone is activated growth there are other factors such as smoking and passive smoking that can suppress the growth hormone caffeine look how many teenagers are around who use a lot of caffeine and sugar which takes zinc out of all age groups it is teenagers who consume highly processed and unhealthy foods like fast food.

Most it is not surprising that they don’t have enough inside ents there is another factor that can lead to a deficiency of growth hormone and that is a lack of vitamin d now in children this is a common phenomenon because they do not go outside much instead they sit in front of the computer most of the day now about the other two hormones insulin like growth factor.

If something is wrong with the liver, for example, it is fatty because you eat a lot of carbohydrates or high fructose corn syrup, this can suppress the production of IF-1 and affect the growth, of the thyroid gland, which is very sensitive to iodine deficiency, so if a child of any age or teenager does not receive iodine in enough.

Seafood molluscs crustaceans

It can significantly slow down its growth iodine is mainly found in seafood molluscs crustaceans and seaweeds it is also found in other food grown near the sea but if the food is grown away from the sea it is likely to have little iodine if you are still young or you have a child who would like to be taller than now here is a list of things to do first a good micronutrient complex.

That contains zinc should not be taken zinc alone it should be in combination with the rest of the micronutrients in the swarm this is a product that I would recommend finding and taking it is called nourishes ruffian Benji this supplement is sold by standard process company search the internet for advertising they don’t pay me but it is a very good pituitary gland support product.

That produces growth hormone I have previously recommended it to some children and have seen real changes in growth in those who take it 1 tablet overnight for three months the next point is to sleep a lot if you do not sleep you need to address this problem below there will be links to materials on what to do with insomnia in addition, a common cause of zinc deficiency is an excess of phytic acid in food.

Vitamin d should be obtained by being in the sun

Phytic acid is found in cereal products so avoid them this will allow you to remove it from the diet is what blocks zinc and the next item is, of course, vitamin d ideally vitamin d should be obtained by being in the sun and taking the kids out in the sun for a few hours a day is a great idea if that’s not possible giving them vitamin d supplements all this maximizes growth potential but.

This is what you have to watch and watch your diet I think the best way to figure out which diet is the healthiest for you is to look at what everyone is suggesting especially the food pyramid is what the medical establishments recommend and then use it as a reference to do exactly the opposite most of the diet here whole grains or starchy carbohydrates.

Whole potatoes lake products rice and the like are eliminated and all this from the diet you are told to avoid saturated fats and consume more vegetable oils no you need saturated fats and you need to avoid vegetable oils it is safe because you will not eat many carbohydrates you will not eat sugar when you are advised to eat fruits and vegetables you are also allowed to eat canned fruits and even drink fruit juices, considering them to be a full-fledged replacement for vegetables and fruits.