Guided Meditation To Lose Weight?

Guided Meditation To Lose Weight

Introduction Of Guided Meditation To Lose Weight?

Everyone talks about weight loss but if you go looking for another day there are countless courses on incredible weight loss techniques out there, but we know that weight loss in obesity overweight has an inflammatory component, a neuroendocrine component.

I don’t know, we know that there are areas of our brain that are not processing right to ours the way we eat so recognizing the food or they are not paying attention it serves it is not calling it is not that we are satiated we do not know how it is connected to this.

Depression, Anxiety And Insomnia

We know that it has a lot to do with the low psychiatric disorders are very common areas of the brain, they are the same areas that are associated with depression, anxiety and insomnia, which are things we treat, so that’s why nowadays we say that weight loss is free, it starts with the head and goes to the body, right?

It’s different the investment starts with our head we can train our head and in some cases we will have to modulate it through and some substances some chemical substances that are missing but we will only work if we manage to train people in a different way for their brain to relate to food and speaking of training in the very first place in Brazil.

What you and your partners have developed beautifully that has to do with what I wrote here the tac in this fixed post in this fixed comment that the app is a tangle of what is this wonderful mission that I’ve done a few lights a few times and that’s working for me people are six kilos less.

A Meditation Technique

Absurdly wonderful things that are happening in my life that I am sharing with you that my body is changing my mind is visible people yesterday in my people speak mine you are younger is clear your little face is happier you have a face different what you post for us in the logs also every day you are clearly happier what is this training that you, with this expertise in psychiatry, managed to develop to share with people

How can I improve how can I do it this in my house, right, and there are a lot of techniques for self-help therapy, each one invents a different method, right, and I started to see what was scientific about it and then I discovered the ivory technique, but what is the magnificent thing?

But it’s a very simple thing but it’s a meditation technique developed by a doctor it was developed in the 80’s by the doctor there in Massachusetts he took several techniques that and there were Diogo of Buddhism around and he made a method.

Sleeping Pills 

So you don’t need to be a monk you don’t need to go to a Buddhist temple if you want and great you don’t need you can practice in your day to day there’s nothing spiritual and nothing mystical in this is an attention training it is a present moment attention training that strengthens important areas of your brain.

Generates well-being this started to be studied a lot it became a craze in the united states and they started to see through the study of Harvard and johns Hopkins from oxford that this technique can improve blood pressure as much as antidepressants there this is very cool of course it is not that.

Everyone will answer this some people will need medication but there is a large part of people who will get better just with this technique it can improve sleep more than sleeping pills it improves stress and in many studies a really cool study they made a restaurant among people.

Consume Fewer Calories To Lose Weight

Who ate without practicing a sea of people who did training on what it’s like to eat while protecting magnificent and the people who did taining they consumed 20 to 40 percent less calories than people who didn’t do training so lo k how cool this is it also helps the person to consume fewer calories to lose weight.

But taking advantage of the pleasure of food, that is, involuntarily, the person ends up needing to negligently train our brain to realize that we are satisfied now you told me something, there will be a lot of people watching this line that will talk more doctor me.

I’m already anxious as hell I already want to eat a million things I’m already compulsive I’m here imagining that I ‘m going to have to stop everything to sit in one place and do a meditation and that’s something for monks it’s something for those people.

The Method Of Meditations

I won’t be able to do that explains better how the meditation of the image app I think the cool thing is that this technique you don’t want you need to stop thinking you don’t need to be a calm person i’m not a person i’m restless you don’t need to base your mind this is impossible i can’t do it no one can again keep thinking all the time.

Actually we’ve developed the method of meditations a lot short and that I will go step by step to where you are putting your attention this was a method that was developed by this doctor and it is spread all over the world and there were a few apps in Portuguese.

There was no preparation that was really made by doctors who use this technique that we developed it so the idea is to try you don’t need to stop thinking if I’m going to do the meditation right only you put the intention to start doing it a few minutes it could start with a team ilsinho only has one circulating only with food.

A Brutal Change

Once it starts the change only and it ‘s the same as the gym you start talking wow life is getting to do it one minute and it starts to turn 23 we know that after ten days you will have a brutal change so what I ask is like the challenge you do right there.

We have seven totally free meditations or 67 salt and seven albums you don’t even have to do it the correct way is I ‘m not getting it it’s hard no problem just listen they are very short just use and and feedback can’t send so much in a direction college museum of the small image of ours.

How you are feeling after seven days that’s all free sites do it this swiss test really changes we have we know that when we are paying attention to what we are doing we are naturally less impulsive so attention and compulsion they are like a seesaw.

The Seven Meditations

We are more attentive we are – impossible and if we are very impulsive we are less attentive it is the same when we are scared comes in the movie we end up with a bucket of popcorn without realizing it and without having felt the I like popcorn, but Serginho, this is the initial cycle, it’s the seven meditations.

How can I lose weight is to make the part of the diet more eating real food eating without without that thing about suffering without being sad always deprived of the good things in life having a normal life but using the app in my favor the naturally natural.

This is the most important naturally with the meditations on the food part I manage to decrease naturally there in front of my plate in front of my food gradually this compulsion this craving mainly for sugars for carbohydrates for 2 how it works.

Green Cycle 

Now is remember that we talked about my mouth so the more attentive you are to what you are doing unusual you are eating you are sending messages to your brain saying look my body is getting food it will come in and look at that soon you won’t you will no longer need to send so much impulse to eat so doing this is like a gym that changes your mind and talk look you don’t have to run so fast anymore.

We have this green cycle here that is the feeding cycle by clicking on it, we have seven albums here that will guide how you are going to do this, so it’s up to you listening to an audio is later we can even hear that we start to guide put it in the mouth smell it like you can let your thoughts flow but go back to the smell of food later you felt a taste without chewing.

Scientifically Proven Strategies

Then chewing pieces and feeling like that your body is getting that food all this is very difficult we eat very fast nowadays and there are some tips even from the environment that we have to eat what we are going to put that helps what we are going to put that is not help are scientifically proven strategies for binge eating.

That regardless of the year when the food you have at home doesn’t even have that thing you have to buy and very expensive and expensive diet is a book that you have of your reality in your home it needs to be a food that is super rare is something that we don’t think that the chances of the nationalist ael but sometimes we just can’t weigh people.

You don’t know that they have it so they even advise you to start with me who likes me, right, it’s no use putting okra I particularly don’t like it or for the gaucho who doesn’t like it a lot that you like games 1st Brazilian pleasant will start until a show there can start with a piece of chocolate that doing this you will get it start i know it’s difficult a piece legend.

A Drug Dealer

What was the food or so food not even food but remember which was the first one i called you from the car i was in traffic i was sucking trailer distracts us fattening but it’s just that people I was in traffic and then when I saw it I was playing with three trailers at once in my mouth eating compulsively.

He sent me an audio that he was still testing the vocals a new app he disappeared sent it over the top he said, there were these audios here that are from the donor, the audio application for binge eating and then I was at that time I was in traffic and and released something for me remaining attention.

I’m in the car, so the traffic and wanting to eat about three trailers of people with half brings people I didn’t want to eat anymore and neither the rest nor half of the trident and to this day I can’t put more than a drug dealer in my mouth and so before I couldn’t not eat more than one trailer at a time.

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Eat Two Silver Trailers

I needed to eat two silver trailers with a mouth full of chewing gum in my mouth to be able to fill my mouth and be able to face the traffic always healthy paulo even são caetano because I was very stressed and irritated so that is a way of not chewing walking so I can know how to last 40 minutes an hour from one side to the other and at that time.

I have not forgotten this simple at that three minutes for almost a year néné that three minutes and a little and Othman of 3,000 three minutes all 13 minutes were three minutes that I was only aware of where I was from what I was eating.

It was a gum that until today changed imagine you go through the full cycle of binge eating so much that it changes and it’s a change that I’m going to that remains unheard of is cool it’s a change that you learn to make you start to lead your life yes then you incorporate it into your life in a way it’s even more natural and it’s really cool