Enlarged prostate The Best Nutrient for Prostate Health

Enlarged prostate The Best Nutrient for Prostate Health
Enlarged prostate The Best Nutrient for Prostate Health

Introduction Of Enlarged prostate The Best Nutrient for Prostate Health

Enlarged prostate The Best Nutrient for Prostate Health. Who knows what simplicity does, they only know that with age it increases and this affects urination in half of the men after 60 it just starts to increase and so we know that with age it becomes larger and this affects urination on the strength of the jet on libido on fluid retention in the bladder on the accumulation of urine in the kidneys.

The work at the prostate

I think it is important to better understand the work at the prostate to understand why this happens, I mean that it’s strange that with age so many men begin to have problems with the prostate and the larger it is, the higher the risk of prostate cancer, but the very fact that simplicity has increased does not mean that this is cancer, let’s start with.

Where simplicity is there is a small bone in the front of the pelvis the pubic symphysis the simplicity is right behind this bone also the simplicity is right under the bladder from the bladder it comes out into a tube that the simplicity surrounds and is just about the size of a walnut so it’s not that big but it can get bigger and right behind it is the rectum.

That’s where it is and what it does simply is 70 per cent glandular tissue and 30 per cent muscle tissue it does two things it secretes a certain fluid about it a little later and also it acts as a pump at inoculation, she pushes this fluid through the same tube through which the matcha flows and then out the sperm zooids are produced in the testicles for their development, it takes about 60-70 days.

Connecting with the prostate fluid

The spermatozoa go through a thin tube up to the prostate where there are additional glands that produce fluid, connecting with the prostate fluid, they form this mixture called sperm function of the sperm to ensure the functionality of the spermatozoa and the spermatozoa are essentially just male genetic material. that combines with the genetic material of the ovaries and forms.

The human body for this the sperm needs nutrition is fructose in the semen needs certain enzymes to pass through the uterine lining and many other factors to increase fertility outside the body sperm live up to five days on the other hand women have an egg it is not active but is activated by sperm penetration.

What is curious about the prostate gland in terms of nutrition is that in this gland the greatest zinc concentration in the prostate zinc concentration is 100 times higher than in the blood if the blood test for zinc is normal it still says nothing about what is happening in the prostate it increases.

Zinc in a healthy prostate

The level of zinc in a healthy prostate is 744 micrograms and simple with mild hypertrophy that is increased in it less zinc 486 micrograms also tested people with chronic prostatitis and they had zinc 400 Indesit micrograms and remember that this has to be compared to a healthy one which is just 744 micrograms then.

It talks about prostate cancer and zinc levels, it seems that prostate cancer patients have an average zinc level of 273 micrograms so we have a link between zinc deficiency and inflammation of the prostate enlargement of the prostate and penchant for the development of prostate cancer is very curious here is another point that.

I want to discuss there is a very powerful form of testosterone called DDT testosterone can be converted to DHT with the help of a certain enzyme called 5 alpha reduct for there are certain drugs that suppress this enzyme to reduce DDT and reduce male pattern baldness prostate hypertrophy erectile dysfunction.

Zinc is the most important micronutrient

Because an excess of this hormone DHT leads to undesirable effects but, curiously, zinc is a natural inhibitor of this enzyme amazingly we also know that people with low testosterone are usually deficient in zinc and so zinc is the most important micronutrient for maintaining high testosterone to maintain fertility the ability of spermatozoa and to maintain a normal prostate size, and now it will be even more interesting.

Where do people get zinc deficiency in general, here is the question, we will discuss the reasons they do not eat enough red meat, think what they are saying now of all irons especially men over 50 don’t eat red meat is bad they don’t differentiate red meat by the quality they lump all red meat in one pile don’t make a difference between processed meat and organic grass fed.

They lump it all in one pile and say bra although red meat is said to limit foods with cholesterol, which is the raw material for testosterone, what is advised to eat more plant foods, be sure to eat more whole grains in which there is a lot of phytic acids, and this is perhaps the main factor interfering with their non-zinc 2 billion people on the planet have a zinc deficiency, perhaps because.

We need acid for the absorption of zinc

That they consume too many cereals and cereals another interesting point in connection with ageing with age, the strength of an acid in the stomach decreases and we need acid for the absorption of zinc if you have a weak acid in the stomach, zinc will not be absorbed, not to mention that when taking antacids, you will be deficient in zinc if you take diuretics.

The art will deplete your zinc if you take statins you are severely deficient in zinc alcohol is another common factor causing zinc deficiency sugar consumption causes zinc deficiency frequent meals such as evening snacks in front of the TV cause insulin resistance which can also deplete zinc I am trying to get you one thing.

If you not getting enough zinc this will affect your libido testosterone sperm count prostate size and eventually urination the best source of zinc are crustaceans and molluscs like oysters second is red meat and to be completely honest I have you with zinc micronutrients but I must say that intake zinc does not guarantee a cure for enlarged prostates low testosterone does not reduce.

The risk of developing prostate cancer and any disease in general, because many factors play a role. your diet, how much alcohol you drink and how much stress you experience, and many other factors. including your medications.

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