DIY protein bar in 5 minutes

DIY protein bar in 5 minutes
DIY protein bar in 5 minutes

Introduction Of DIY protein bar in 5 minutes

DIY protein bar in 5 minutes. I will show you how to make homemade protein bars very tasty and very easy to prepare you can store them in the fridge or freezer and take them out when you need them and eat them immediately after eating if you want to know but first I want to talk about something important about the need to read.

Composition of products and distinguish

The composition of products and distinguish the useful from the harmful, they say this compatibility, we only mean whether the amount of carbohydrates in the product exceeds 50 grams and does not take into account the type of these carbohydrates at all, as long as carbohydrates are less than 50 grams, everything is fine even.

If these carbohydrates are sugar, but they are less than 50 grams product key this is compatible but I want to draw a line between healthy keta and simpletons this is compatibility because I think that some theta compatible products are not safe and you should be aware of some of the ingredients closed in these products I will show you.

This thing is not a protein bar it is a dark chocolate bar with chrysanthemum lily’s thickening rice it says checked gluten free it says Stevie sweetener no added sugar sounds good less sugar sweeter life but most importantly read the ingredients under the nutritional chart it’s right here read and it says unsweetened chocolate chicory root it’s and then it goes dextrin.

This product is not suitable for us

What is dextrin is synthetic fibre there are also nitrites cocoa butter organic crunchy brown rice what is it organic brown rice and organic rice syrup this is no longer healthy those it is already clear that this product is not suitable for us unfortunately many products with stevia for example like this they have maltodextrin in their composition malta dextrin, this is perhaps one of the worst ingredients.

That can only be because its glycemic index is much higher than that of simple sugar 106 or 136 somewhere in this area table sugar 74 from malta dextrin strongly under blood sugar jumps there are other ingredients that I wanted to draw attention to many new synthetic fibres or artificial fibre that is not isolated from food as you might think is now positioned as beneficial for blood sugar for example.

Soluble corn fibre also known as resistant maltodextrin introduces some confusion because there is maltodextrin is something like sugar, which, however, does not count with sugar, but is classified as a total carbohydrate, and now some other resistant maltodextrin is made in this way, they change.

Synthetic ingredient that is heavily processed

The chemical structure of this carbohydrate is from a polysaccharide to fibre, it is difficult to find any research on it, this is a relatively new invention, I don’t know how you but I’m in no hurry to trust this synthetic ingredient that is heavily processed with some solvent and heating chemicals and consider it safe until studies of its safety are carried out, including long-term ones, to understand.

If it is safe we y know that regular maltodextrin is ha mful and for this new malto dextrin resistant maltodextrin the product is still too new but if you list t as soluble corn fibre no one will know that it is resis and maltodextrin there are still thing like tapioca you starch and cornstarch is also maltodextrin resistant smalt dextrin you can make a lot of things from corn.

Wheat potatoes from all that I strongly advise you to avoid everything with soluble corn fibre tapioca wai fibre maltodextrin and maltodextrin resistant them and also with dextrin us dextrose and other sugars now let’s talk about those bars that are on sale, it could be protein bars or some bars, let’s start sitting protein, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this company, but.

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Seriously processed fractionated protein product

If you read the composition, the very first ingredient soy protein isolate is a seriously processed fractionated protein product t with dix to us and this is a solvent and it’s just not a natural type of protein that I don’t need in my body there is malta dextrin and sucralose it is a type of sugar in which chlorine molecules have been added with this type of sugar.

There are many problems so I don’t recommend it yet they put modified cornstarch in the so-called weight loss bar, I’m not talking about synthetic vitamins, that is, the quality of the ingredients is very low, this does not apply to healthy keta, the protein department, this is a packaged food diet, there are snacks.

There is no intermittent fasting, this is a low-carb diet, but the quality carbohydrates leave much to be desired and it is a bowl of fat, that is, you can lose weight, of course, but in my opinion, you will not look healthy, it is divided into different phases, only four phases and the fourth phase is essentially maintenance when carbohydrates can be returned to the diet.

Lose weight and then return to these old habits

Lose weight and then return to these old habits

I don’t see the point in such a concept because you go through the program, lose weight and then return to these old habits seems like people think that if they lose weight they will stay thin no if they return to the old food so if you have not heard this principle I will repeat you must not lose weight to become healthy but to become healthy to lose weight and become healthy.

You can consume healthy ingredients now let’s discuss slim fast there are two different types of products that produce slim fast products for regular weight loss and whale products of course regular slim fast products are full of sugar and harmful ingredients new theta products have ingredients that I also don’t like now I will list and for malta tapioca oligosaccharides.

This is one of the ingredients, I once recommended them but I don’t recommend them anymore because people get sugar jumps from them and of course they also use soluble corn fibre, by the way, they use it because it gives the product the right texture, they also add tapioca or corn starch there are also quest bars in candy bars quest.

Which creates a lot of problems

There is also soluble corn fibre, that is, resistant maltodextrin, and they also use the sweetener sucralose, that is, sugar with an added chlorine molecule, which creates a lot of problems someday I will make a video about this and finally Atkins bars if you look at the composition of these bars there is a field of dextrose is sugar with a very high glycemic index and as a sweetener.

There is a boy with the worst possible sugar alcohol from him sugar will jump next time before buying a chum bar first read its composition the next part is very important, especially for those who have not seen the video about maltodextrin is indicated in the composition how sugar is classified as a common carbohydrate is a loophole.

Those companies use it when they write less than one gram of sugar because maltodextrin is not classified as a sugar as a carbohydrate and you will not find it in the sugar line, the same applies to corn syrup, you can pour corn syrup and a bunch of maltodextrin and write less than one gram of sugar and it doesn’t matter how many of them are in the product.

How to make protein ones ourselves bars

They will be in the carbohydrate column they are sugar, so reading this plate, especially the line about sugar, is not as important as reading the type of carbohydrates that is indicated at the bottom of the list of ingredients, now let’s move on to how to make protein ones ourselves bars here are the ingredients you will need a bowl in.

You will mix everything then you will mold the mixture into bars and put them in the freezer in the freezer you can put them in the fridge if they harden too much in the freezer i prefer the freezer.