Copper is essential for collagen production

Copper is essential for collagen production
Copper is essential for collagen production

Introduction Of Copper is essential for collagen production

Copper is essential for collagen production. The nutrients that are best at boosting collagen production it’s not vitamin c although vitamin c helps produce collagen no it’s something else what is cold it’s a protein that binds together different things from all the proteins in your body as much as 35 per cent its collagen.

Connective tissue of the body halogen forms cartilage

Its connective tissue of the body halogen forms cartilage and muscles and tendons ligaments of the eye fascia are the material that holds all the muscles together it is under the skin right on the surface of the muscles collagen forms bones and even teeth it is everywhere in the skin it seems to me many people try to increase collagen by eating it but, they lack something else and today’s conversation was inspired by this book.

What I am reading is called soil grass Iraq the relationship between human and animal health and the mineral composition of the soil interesting book nutrition talks about the relationship between the meat of animals that we eat with the soil on which the grass grows these animals eat if there is no mineral in the soil, it will not be in the plants.

That animals eat and in the meat of these animals that we eat it will not be there either so the most important nutrient that increases collagen production is copper directly affects the production of collagen and prevents loss collagen affects the synthesis of elastin, a protein that maintains the structural integrity of collagen, so this microelement is necessary for very small quantities.

Main role of copper-containing enzymes

However, it cannot replace the enzymes involved in the synthesis of proteins. The main role of copper-containing enzymes is their structural integrity. troubles in the first place it can lead to a curvature of the spine lordosis in animals it also happens for example horses but it also occurs in humans this is an excessive bending of the lower back and the reason for this is that.

The body lacks structural strength parts of the body are not connected tightly enough this m can also manifest as loose skin and by the way, copper has many additional benefits including increasing the ability to stay in the sun longer what about hernias to one very good study that shows the relationship between. You Can Also Read How to increase height? Is it possible to get taller.

The presence of hernias and a significant deficiency of copper and this applies to hernias all types from Hawai to hiatal hernia because copper provides the structural integrity needed to hold body parts together and have support for joints if your joints are weak or they collapse it could be due to a copper deficiency the same applies to muscles they can be weak due to a lack of copper athletes.

Who have enough copper are more enduring

Those who have enough copper are more enduring, they have more fluid in their body and they can go without water for exercise longer collagen and connective tissues are very important here, and joints and muscles and everything else, the vertebral disc in the lower back needs copper for greater strength and to blood vessels need copper to avoid varicose veins, all this demonstrates.

The connection between copper and collagen, but copper is useful not only in this if you have iron deficiency and anaemia, but at the same time there are not enough copper taking iron supplements will not help with anaemia, copper is simply indispensable for the immune system for leukocytes and in addition, it affects the size and shape of red blood cells.

If you have a copper deficiency this can manifest itself in the form of increased sweating to help you maintain balance in the dark or with your eyes closed if you feel dizzy or feel dizzy when you close your eyes you may have a copper deficiency e.g. acid have you need org and zmu to remove fluorine, by the way, the more fluorine in the body, the less copper, and finally copper helps to warm.

What are the main causes of copper deficiency

The feet, probably because it helps to carry iron, which is necessary for haemoglobin, now let’s see which foods have a lot of copper, this is the liver, kidneys, oysters, crustaceans shiitake and sesame seeds what are the main causes of copper deficiency probably the main reason is that copper is low in our soils and this ultimately leads to a lack of copper in the food.

We eat copper deficiency also occurs in people who have had a gastric bypass another reason could be excessive intake of ascorbic acid is only part of the vitamin c complex normally, copper as an enzyme should be part of the vitamin c complex, but if you take only a lot of ascorbic acid, they are the whole complex, this can also lead to copper deficiency.

Increase in zinc lowers copper

Another common cause of copper deficiency is taking too much zinc recently taking zinc in large volumes has become just a craze, and it is often taken separately from the whole complex of microelements, which includes having an excessive intake of zinc for some time can upset the balance with copper and lead to its deficiency in general, an increase in zinc lowers copper and an increase in copper lower zinc and copper work together.

This is why I always recommend taking micronutrients in a complex excess sugar especially fructose can lead to copper deficiency alcohol can cause copper deficiency and also excessive fibre intake I don’t mean fibre from the food you get along with micronutrients but so called functional fibre is a newly invented nutritional supplement found in supposedly keta compatible bars and other products.