Chronic fatigue No forces How to feel young

Chronic fatigue No forces How to feel young
Chronic fatigue No forces How to feel young

Introduction Of Chronic fatigue No forces How to feel young

Chronic fatigue No forces How to feel young. What exactly do I mean by feeling old is joint stiffness muscle pain is the medical name myalgia is also an inflammatory process in the joints clouding of consciousness loss of clarity of thought mood far from optimal well-being can be characterized as a malaise or simply as a general painful condition or the so-called post-exercise malaise.

The cause of chronic fatigue

That is, fatigue after any physical exertion, as soon as you start to exert physical effort, you feel that your body simply refuses to do it or you feel tired and lack energy and at the same time sleep poorly if you have something like this I think many people understand that most of these problems are based on their style of nutrition but there is another hidden reason.

That I want to talk about this is a very common phenomenon, especially among people with chronic fatigue in fact in about 70 per cent of cases the cause of chronic fatigue is not due to diet it is due to the so-called latent viruses these are viruses that you once caught but which at the moment do not show any symptoms no but.

They can activate and cause any of the symptoms listed above you can do exercises and eat right but still do not feel young and energetic this may be due to latent a virus that has reactivated, among others, more often than others, herpes viruses arrive in a latent state, these are herpes simplex viruses of types 1 and 2, Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus, in addition, even HIV can exist in a latent form.

Which triggers an immune response

Just like hepatitis viruses, so insidious viruses have a survival mechanism to hide from observed I lie down deep and just wait for the right moment wait for the body to flip a switch and the number one switch that goes off most often is your ready stress makes you feel old and tired it could be due to reactivation of viruses.

Which triggers an immune response, not like a full-blown infection but just enough to make you feel like you’re overtired and old there’s an interesting fact about these viruses especially the coat of arms with viruses the vast majority of people on the planet I said 87 per cent of the population is infected with the herpes virus as for the Epstein-Barr virus.

That causes mononucleosis, as many as ninety- five per cent of the population is infected with this virus, and since most people on the planet have such viruses and have periods of stress, it is not surprising that the symptoms described are very common, even coronavirus, its various variations can reduce increase the number of t-cells, which will lead to the reactivation of some latent viruses, in other words.

A person may experience blurred consciousness

If a person had a coronavirus, this can lead to other problems, a person may experience blurred consciousness, it may break joints, inflammation may appear, the mood will worsen, and also sleep for a long time after the illness the very first and most important action in such a situation is to identify what exactly causes you stress and do everything possible to resolve this problem.

Write in the comments under this video what kind of stress you are facing right now, therefore, to feel younger, it is extremely important to deal with this issue there is another remedy that I have found and it is very very effective against all these viruses coming latent but it will not work if you are still stressed and will not work if you continue to eat junk food.

However, this remedy will give a very good effect if you keep stress within limits and eat right if you don’t know what it means below there will be a link to exact nutritional instructions and the most effective herbal remedy to help deal with these viruses is the root of wormwood annual this is a Chinese herb that has been used for at least 2000 years very powerful ancient Chinese remedy it has many useful properties.

Antiparasitic antifungal and antiviral properties

But is mainly known as an effective remedy for malaria it has antiparasitic antifungal and antiviral properties on at least some of the named viruses it is not yet known exactly how it works but it seems that it starts the oxidation process inside the pathogen there are very many studies on this topic references will be below which have studied fatigue stiffness inflammation clouding of consciousness symptoms.

That persists long after a person has had an occult infection many good herbal remedies can olive leaf is one of them as well as oils and ghana sage Officinalis garlic thyme but mugwort is probably one of the best this is the information I wanted to share but you have to make sure you are eating right and that you are doing your best regarding stress.

How to strengthen immunity

I think no other means will help until you deal with stress this is a serious dominant factor affecting your health I have a course in which the remedy for stress is considered in great to my adrenal course and body type is the most common type due to for such a thing as stress on the course.

I will show you how to remove stress from the body, return a beautiful body and get rid of the adrenal physique of the first type, stress is closely related to immunity, therefore, a gift is waiting for you in the package about you a unique new course how to strengthen immunity.