Are you training to lose weight What are the REAL benefits of exercising

Are you training to lose weight What are the REAL benefits of exercising
Are you training to lose weight What are the REAL benefits of exercising

Introduction Of Are you training to lose weight What are the REAL benefits of exercising

Are you training to lose weight What are the REAL benefits of exercising. 15 very beneficial effects of exercise that go far beyond just losing weight. exercise has these genetic effects on the body, which means that they can affect our genes in a very positive way. our bodies are designed for physical activity.

The mounting organism

We have over 10 million sweat glands these glands our air conditioner they help us adapt to the heat during exercise and cool down we are able to release a liter of sweat every hour if it is required to cool the body exercise also activates various systems where the mounting organism but the results depend on your ability to rest and recover and through measured loads will not allow you to get all.

The benefits so let’s start the first improvement in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, what is it, this is a nervous system that works in automatic mode, it consists of 3 parts, but I will talk about two, this is the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system and some parts of the body are more strongly connected with the first system, others with the second, for example.

The digestive system is more strongly connected with the parasympathetic part responsible for rest and digestion, on the other hand, the adrenal medulla is one hundred percent connected with the sympathetic part, but the heart is 50 to 50 connected to both the sympathetic and parasympathetic system in my clinic i used to do a heart rate variability test.

Test between sympathetic and parasympathetic

A balance test between sympathetic and parasympathetic i explain all this to you because it is related to the next few points the second decrease in the risk of a heart attack and it is related to the above see usually the heart beats in a certain rhythm here knock knock knock knock knock and you might think that.

The pauses between heartbeats at rest should be the same, but in a healthy body they should differ, let me explain what I mean, for example, your pulse is 60 beats per minute, that is, one heart beat per second, so so in tes t heart rate variability measures the time between beats, it is not the same, and the greater this difference. You Can Also Read Copper is essential for collagen production.

The more flexibility your heart is capable of , the more elastic the muscle tissue and vascular part of your heart when the heart ages or is inflamed, it seems to stiffen, while you see the same heart rate intervals not a very healthy condition if such a body becomes tense it lacks flexibility exercise increases the elasticity of the heart increases heart rate variability and reduces.

Reduces the risk of high blood pressure

The risk of heart attacks also reduces the risk of high blood pressure because the vessels become more elastic, increasing heart rate variability alone reduces the risk of high blood pressure by 35 50 percent fourth exercise reduces the chance of stroke 5 they can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer lung cancer colon cancer by 16 percent uterine cancer by 16 percent and even breast cancer by 11 percent.

Because exercise stimulating the antioxidant network protecting the body from free radical damage so by exercising you are actually building an antioxidant network that helps keep mitochondrial damage to a minimum to explain this I will jump to the last point adding energy by exercising you actually increase the number of mitochondria as well as the size of the mitochondria.

Which is increases energy capacity so that exercise gives you energy 6 reduces the risk of diabetes why because the genetic effect of exercise increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin so if you have insulin resistance, which causes so many health problems fatty liver overweight high blood pressure and diabetes and so on, exercise.

Increases insulin sensitivity

That increases insulin sensitivity is very good for you, so they lower blood sugar, so exercise will help both burn excess sugar and reduce insulin seventh fi physical exercise reduces the risk of anxiety and depression because you improve the synthesis of various neurotransmitters including dopamine you also increase the production of endorphins and help lower cortisol that’s.

Why it can significantly reduce stress worries and this is incredibly healing 8 you reduce the risk of dementia and improve memory part of the brain that atrophies in dementia is called the hippocampus exercise slows down the shrinkage of this part of the brain and that’s cool because it is the cause of dementia so you improve cognitive abilities you can even increase.

The synthesis of the so -called neurotrophic brain factor that helps grow new neurons 9 I already mentioned this reducing stress and cortisol levels which improves sleep I have noticed that the more regularly I exercise, the better I sleep 10 exercise builds strength people who cannot exercise regularly or follow the rules of intermittent fasting for a long time or constantly and clearly follow.

Exercise helps reduce inflammation

Their children usually lack willpower and exercise develops her eleventh exercise helps reduce inflammation but only if you are recovering if you exercise and your muscles hurt but you keep exercising and the inflammation doesn’t go away it won’t work you should rest and recover 12 exercise can prolong life i’ve already explained.

Why it reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes cancer and so on 13 increases the ability to procreate great news 14 exercise helps with pain in the lower back and it really helped me recently I started training with a power sled doing deadlifts with it back forward and I forgot what lower back pain is it also significantly reduces joint pain and 15 I already mentioned that exercises give you more energy.