7 Weight Loss Tips

7 Weight Loss Tips
7 Weight Loss Tips

Introduction Of 7 Weight Loss Tips

7 Weight Loss Tips for weight loss right. It helps the body repair it helps in maintenance but from a weight loss perspective it’s important because it provides satiety right it provides a feeling of fullness and because of that our cravings can reduce our hunger levels can reduce and if we are less hungry and we are satisfied then we are less likely to reach out for that biscuit or that cake or that packet of chips or you know that um sweet treat or anything else.

Consume Enough Protein

The first tip that I do not like to give that consume enough protein for the past 10 years I have made sure that I’ve eaten enough protein in a day and that has been a game changer it’s not only helped me control my appetite it helps in muscle recovery because I’m quite active so the first tip that I’d like to give is that eat enough protein and the satisfaction will be there the feeling of fullness will be there and that will help reduce those cravings.

The second tip I’d like to give is that replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates right refined carbohydrates are things like white bread um white rice white table sugar and replace these refined carbohydrates with things like oats oatmeal brown rice sweet potato right and this can help in the weight loss process.

That’s my second tip and refined carbohydrates generally speaking tend to increase blood sugar levels really fast right we eat something and the blood sugar levels shoot up and then because they shoot up so fast they also come down crashing right and this creates that roller coaster in the blood sugar levels and because of that we need to eat again.

Sugar Goes Down

When the sugar goes down and what that can do and I’m talking from personal experience is that it can really create a need to eat every two or three hours right and we might go for things for snacks that are not good for us so because of this blood sugar fluctuation right we eat it goes up we and then it comes down and when it’s down we need something to eat so it’s it creates this dependence on food.

The need to eat every two or three hours and complex carbohydrates on the other hand release the glucose in the blood in a very steady manner right it’s steady so it’s not up and down no it’s steady up and then it balances out so we don’t feel that crash right that feeling of oh I’m tired I just ate two hours ago. But I’m tired now no it helps us balance that out and that can be great if we want to control our sugar cravings and if you want to just be healthier right. You Can Also Read 5 Foods That Burn Fat.

Because personally when I used to be on that blood sugar roller coaster I needed something every two hours and it was just not fun you know along with the crash comes feeling low it comes with feeling tired feeling lethargic so it’s not a very good place to be at but for this video, I just want to mention that balancing out the blood sugar levels replacing refined carbs with complex carbs so that our cravings go down so that our blood sugar is maintained is a good way to boost weight loss efforts.

Avoid Processed Foods

The third tip that I’d like to give is to avoid processed foods right oftentimes processed foods are things like that packet of biscuits or that packet of chips or that packet of doughnuts right anything that’s really processed and the first reason is that usually processed foods come with a lot of chemicals and preservatives which are really not the best for the body and weight loss right these foods are loaded with sugar and fat and are very calorific generally speaking so unknowingly right.

I’ve done this myself I reach for a pack of biscuits and I’ll eat it and then I’ll realize oh and that’s a lot of empty calories I just took in devoid of nutrition right so processed food generally speaking has no nutrition no vitamins no minerals nothing that the body can really use it has calories empty calories and when we do that right our body doesn’t feel satisfied.

Because it’s not getting the nutrients so that’s my next trip right reducing processed foods right this will reduce preservatives colours flavours that we intake and at the same time we will reduce the fats and the sugars coming in from these foods and often these foods are very calorific right so because we reduce these foods the calories can go down as well and thus help boost weight loss moving on to.

Avoid Overeating

the fourth tip I think it’s important to know how much we’re eating right a ballpark we don’t need to count every single calorie and there will be days where we will need more food and less food but knowing how much we eat is an important right because we might not know how much we’re eating we might be eating a lot of food a lot of empty calories right and not feeling full at all or we might be under eating and both overeating and un reading can prevent weight loss.

So it becomes important to know how much food we are consuming and how many calories is the protein intake adequate because tracking all these things will help you assess your needs and then come up with a plan that’s suitable for you so that’s my next trip that knowing how much we eat is important knowing how many calories we consume is important right so I don’t track my calories every single day and I don’t have like an exact amount of calories that I consume every day but I know my ballpark requirement.

Right it can go up to 300 calories it can go down 100 to 200 calories depending on many things how my day went what my activity levels were like and a bunch of other things right how stressed I am all that stuff but I know a ballpark of how much I consume in a day and knowing that I think can boost weight loss efforts because as someone is interested in diet and nutrition right I’ve experimented a lot with food I have tried different diets and they all have their benefits.

Lots Of Free Calorie Counting Apps

They all have their merits at the end of it you have to find something that works for you but one thing I have realized is that often most people don’t know how much they’re consuming right and just knowing that and modulating that can lead to the biggest weight loss it need not be you need to go on a really strict diet right.

It might just be that you need to reduce the quantities that you’re eating you might be eating healthy but you might be eating a lot of healthy things and consuming calories that are just adding weight so that’s my next trip knowing what you eat is important and there are lots of free calories counting apps these days you can just download them.

The next step I’d like to give is the do some strength training right strength training is important and this is important because strength training not only helps us maintain bone density which by the way goes down as we age and as we age it’s important to maintain bone density so that we don’t get injured in our old age but it also helps us build muscle.

Muscle Is Extremely Important

Muscle is extremely important if we want to increase our BMR basal metabolic rate the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn at rest the more food you can eat without putting on weight and muscle is also something that reduces SBH it gets more and more difficult to build muscle so doing strength training regularly to build muscle.

To maintain muscle mass is not only important from a longer-term perspective of maintaining health and bones and not getting injured but also from a perspective of burning more calories while you’re sitting and having a higher BMR so any kind of strength training whether that’s lifting weights whether that’s Pilates whether that’s body weight training anything that stimulates the bones and the muscles are important.

The next tip is that be active right being active throughout the day is important and little things like you know getting up every hour for two or three minutes moving around when you’re speaking on the phone walking around up and down these things can increase the energy expenditure outside of exercise right because we are active and it can also prevent the side effects of sitting for too long because sitting for too long is known to cause back pain.

Sweet Things

Things like that so moving you know for five minutes every hour whether that’s to get your coffee whether that’s a little walk to get your green tea or whether that’s you know calling someone up and having a five-minute chat with them I think these things add up and they can help us not only stay active and increase mobility but also increase the expenditure outside of exercise so that was

The sixth tip now coming down to the last tip is that getting enough sleep right sleep is extremely important less sleep has shown to increase cravings so there are days if there days where you slept three four hours it’s more likely that you’ll reach out for sugary things. Sweet things and you’ll have more cravings compared to the days that you’re well rested so getting enough sleep is important six to eight hours I would say and less sleep can also increase our stress levels right and increased stress can cause increased cortisol and increased chronic cortisol can prevent weight loss it can cause accumulation of fat.