5 Foods That Burn Fat

5 Foods That Burns Fats

Introduction Of 5 Foods That Burn Fat

5 Foods That Burn Fat. The best way to burn fat the best way to lose weight is by following a proper nutrition plan and an exercise program these foods can be an addition to that program and plan okay so let’s talk about those five foods now so the first food on the list is coffee now coffee can help with fat mobilization and it does this because when we consume coffee a neurotransmitter a hormone a chemical called epinephrine is released in the body.

Fat Mobilization

Epinephrine is very effective at fat mobilization which means it can help us burn fat another reason that coffee can help with weight loss is because it can balance blood sugar levels and when our blood sugar levels are balanced cravings go down and when we don’t have cravings we are less likely to reach for that packet of chips or that packet of biscuits or that cake or anything sweet so that’s why coffee is the first item on the list it can help with fat burning.

It releases epinephrine and it can also help control blood sugar which can reduce cravings now one thing important with coffee is that it’s best to consume this in moderation too much coffee will not be the best thing it can lead to anxiety it can lead to insomnia a bunch of other things so in moderation coffee is a great thing also a lot depends on how we consume our coffee right.

If we consume it with a lot of additives with a lot of sugar with a lot of cream then the fat burning effects tend to not be very strong but if you take it black with maybe a dash of milk maybe a little bit of sweetness such as stevia then the fat burning benefits are more so it’s very important to take your coffee clean without too many things and especially if you’re looking for the fat burning effect the next item on the list is green tea green tea has a compound known as EGCG.

EGCG Is An Antioxidant

EGCG can promote the breakdown of fat EGCG is also an antioxidant and antioxidants fight free radical damage and free radical damage is what ages us so coffee has a lot of antioxidants as well so along with fat burning both coffee and green tea can have an anti-aging effect because they’re full of oxidants that fight free radical damage now similar to coffee green tea also contains caffeine which can help with the fat burn process as well.

Most importantly green tea has something known as catechins now these are compounds that can help burn visceral fat visceral fat is belly fat and this is extremely important because belly fat is more harmful than other types of fat right we have belly fat we have subcutaneous fat subcutaneous fat is a fat under the skin on our arms on our legs things like that but belly fat is dangerous.

It’s dangerous because it’s linked with inflammation it’s linked with insulin resistance and inflammation and insulin resistance are linked with many diseases right so green tea can potentially help us burn belly fat help us burn visceral fat which can go a long way in improving our health the third item on the list is cinnamon now cinnamon has an active compound called Cinnamaldehyde.

Burn Fat Cinnamon

Cinnamaldehyde can help with thermogenesis which is an increase in body temperature due to which we increase fat burning so that’s why cinnamon can be helpful in burning fat because it increases body temperature thereby helping us burn fat cinnamon can also control our blood sugar levels and this is extremely important for fat burning for weight loss because usually when our blood sugar levels fluctuate.

When we reach out for something sweet that’s when we have cravings that’s when we get into that vicious cycle of eating every two hours and not being able to break that pattern so that’s another reason why cinnamon helps with fat burning cinnamon like green tea has anti-inflammatory properties as well and when our body is inflamed weight loss becomes difficult so since green tea and cinnamon both have anti-inflammatory properties.

It can reduce inflammation in the body that can help us with weight loss and fat burning the fourth item on the list is chilies chilies have an active compound known as capsaicin now capsaicin similar to cinnamaldehyde can help with thermogenesis which is an increase in body temperature and thus fat burning capsaicin can also help us manage our insulin levels right and insulin levels are very closely associated with fat burning with weight loss as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

When we can manage those correctly fat burning becomes easier so that was the fourth item on the list chili’s the last item on the list is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can suppress our appetites and when our appetites are lower then we tend to consume less food we also have less cravings and this in turn can lead to weight loss and fat burning but that’s not all cinnamon can also lower blood sugar levels right so because it has an effect on blood sugar levels.

It can help us with fat burn and weight loss it also influences are insulin levels and insulin is very intimately connected to fat burning and weight loss so apple cider vinegar can influence insulin levels and thereby promote weight loss and fat burning that’s not all apple cider vinegar has acetic acid and acetic acid especially beneficial for burning belly fat the visceral fat that we talked about the fat that is more harmful than say subcutaneous fat.

These are the five foods that have fat burning properties coffee green tea cinnamon chilies and apple cider vinegar it’s important to follow a proper nutrition program as well as a proper exercise program to get the results that you want these foods can be an addition and these foods should be consumed in moderation and i would strongly advise against taking these in pill form right it’s best to consume these foods in their natural form not as an isolation that is found in pills.