10 Signs Of Insulin Resistance & 3 Ways To Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Signs Of Insulin Resistance
10 Signs Of Insulin Resistance & 3 Ways To Increase Insulin Sensitivity

Introduction Of 10 Signs Of Insulin Resistance & 3 Ways To Increase Insulin Sensitivity

10 Signs Of Insulin Resistance & 3 Ways To Increase Insulin Sensitivity. What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone it’s a hormone that helps us store and build it also has other functions in the body, so insulin is very very important but the problem happens when insulin is high all the time and that can lead to elevated insulin levels which can further lead to insulin resistance.

What insulin resistance

What insulin resistance essentially is that your cells stop responding to insulin is saying hey I want to put these nutrients inside the cell I want to put nutrients inside you and the cell is saying okay I don’t hear anything I don’t want to open up so it’s become resistant to insulin and that’s what insulin resistance is very simply put now why is insulin resistance not the best thing it’s simply not the best thing.

Because a lot of health conditions including diabetes elevated blood pressure elevated cholesterol polycystic ovarian disease have been linked with high insulin levels or insulin resistance so there is a case for maintaining our insulin levels now before we get to what we can do to maintain our insulin levels let’s talk about the top 10 signs that can tell you that you might be having insulin resistance now.

The first is sugar cravings if you’re craving sugar all the time then it might be a sign that you are resistant to insulin and it could be because the cells are not getting any nutrients because insulin is not able to do its job and put the nutrients inside the cells so the cells are saying hey I don’t have any nutrients so it can lead to cravings and especially sugar cravings.

A sign of insulin resistance

The second is changes in the skin dark patches behind the neck or other places can be a sign of insulin resistance insulin can increase the production of melanin and melanin is what colours the cells so increased pigmentation can happen to create these dark patches so that the second sign of insulin resistance dark patches behind the neck or in other places.

That you did not have before the third is skin tags now if you didn’t have skin tags before and you started to develop these this might be a sign that you are resistant to insulin fourth is excessive thirst if you’re thirsty all the time despite drinking a lot of water it could be that your insulin resistance and the same goes for excessive hunger which is the fifth sign of insulin resistance and again this happens. You Can Also Read What Is The Connection Between Diet & Mental Health.

Because the cells are not getting those nutrients because insulin is not able to do its job so it creates a signal in the body saying hey I’m hungry I’m hungry all the time and that can lead to excessive hunger the sixth sign is hormonal imbalances insulin after all is a hormone connected with many other hormones in the body so we can see this situation.

High insulin levels

Where hormones start to go out of their regular levels and one common instance is a health condition known as polycystic ovarian disease which is linked with high insulin levels so that’s the sixth sign the seventh is elevated blood sugar and this is simply because the food we eat especially carbohydrates go into our body and are converted into a usable form of energy not a usable form of energy.

But converted into glucose molecules and other nutrients as well and insulin is responsible for transporting glucose into the cells and when it is not able to do that in the condition of insulin resistance glucose builds up outside the cells in the bloodstream creating high elevated blood sugar so that is the seventh sign of insulin resistance the eighth sign is having abdominal obesity weight around the midsection can mean.

There is insulin resistance the ninth is elevated blood pressure and the temp is elevated cholesterol levels so these are the 10 most common signs of insulin resistance that you should be mindful of that you should be aware of and now let’s talk about what you can do to become more insulin sensitive or lower the levels of insulin so for that.

Our body secretes insulin

We need to understand a few things first is that insulin is secreted in response to food when we eat something our body secretes insulin now the amount of insulin our body secretes depends on the type of food we eat carbohydrates, in general, this is an oversimplification but carbohydrates, in general, have more of an insulin response than say other foods.

So carbs are number one on the list than proteins and the least insulinogenic foods are fats you can also look at something known as the insulin index to know which foods are insulinogenic in which foods are low on the insulin index so coming back to this since we know insulin is secreted in response to the foods we eat by altering what we eat.

We can alter the insulin secretion right and since carbs release the most insulin what we can do is lower the consumption of carbs typically a low carb high fat diet can help reduce the insulin levels in our body now the second thing to do is fasting when we don’t eat food our body does not need to secrete insulin and fasting for about 12 hours a day gives us.

A break gives the body a break from secreting that insulin so aim for about 12 hours of fasting eating your dinner at 7pm breaking your fast at 7 a.m in the morning can be one way of doing it or eating dinner at 9 00 pm and breaking your fast at 9 00 am is also doable so giving your body a break from food for about 10 to 12 hours is a good way to get that insulin back in check and the third thing is to exercise both arabic exercise and strength training has shown to make people more insulin sensitive and that is what we want when we become insulin resistant.