10 Health Tips

10 Health Tips
10 Health Tips

Introductio n Of 10 Health Tips

10 Health Tips. The first tip that I will give is that exercise right both cardio and strength training have numerous benefits cardio can help us strengthen our cardiovascular system right which is very very important and strength training both lifting weights and body weight training can help us maintain bone density and muscle mass both of which decline as we age and we want to age being strong right because in old age oftentimes.

Exercise Properly

what happens is we get injured or we fall and our bones cannot take that fall and that leads to a lot of injuries so keeping that bone density keeping that muscle mass is extremely important as we age and strength training either lifting weights or even body weight training can help us do that so my first tip is that exercise right include some movement in your day whether it’s walking.

whether it’s running skipping some body weight exercises just to keep you healthy and don’t view it as a weight thing right view it more as a health thing right how will you be 10 20 years from now if you exercise daily how will it affect your bones how will it affect your muscles and will it make the aging process easier or not so that’s my tip number one

now the second tip is that do overnight fast right when we eat food our body uses a lot of energy to digest and process that food so it’s always working when we are eating but when we fast even if it’s a 12 overnight past our body gets rest and that’s a good thing right and the 12-hour fast overnight will also help us reduce insulin levels and insulin high insulin has been linked with diabetes pcod and numerous other health conditions so keeping the insulin levels in check is extremely important and a 12 hour overnight fast can help us.

Eat Real Food

Third tip is that eat real food right eat food that you cook eat food that’s real don’t go for processed foods packaged foods because those are full of colors and flavors and preservatives and unhealthy fats and sugars and unknowingly right when we eat processed foods when we eat packaged foods we’re consuming those things.

Those colors chemicals preservatives can be harmful for the body and the consumption of unhealthy fats and sugars can add to our weight so if we focus on real food right we will be more satiated we will get those nutrients and we will not be consuming potentially harmful substances like colors and flavors and preservatives and a number of chemicals.

Water Is Extremely Important

Next tip is that hydrate right water is extremely important for the body it has numerous functions from helping us with digestion and maintaining fluid balance in the body it is used for a lot of things so we must hydrate and water is extremely important and that’s my fourth tip that drink adequate water the next tip is that don’t drink.

Your calories right high calorie beverages like certain coffees certain soft drinks certain fruit juices are loaded with calories milkshakes so it’s best to avoid consuming these things because they’re very very high in calories and it doesn’t really feel like you’ve had anything instead focus on low calorie beverages drink water drink black coffee green tea some herbal teas without sugar basically try to limit the calories that you drink instead focus on getting them from your food

Get Adequate Sleep

The next tip on the list is that get adequate sleep right sleep is extremely important during sleep we rest and recover the body repairs itself during sleep the brain also rejuvenates when we sleep right so sleeping is very important and lack of sleep not getting enough sleep can increase cravings for unhealthy foods.

It can also increase our stress levels and when we get stressed our body releases a hormone called cortisol and chronic elevated levels of cortisol are harmful for the body and can even lead to weight gain and other health issues so getting adequate sleep six to eight hours is a good thing the next on the list is keep your stress levels low.

High stress levels can increase the production of cortisol right and elevated cortisol chronically all the time is not good for the body and can lead to weight gain and health issues so indulge in stress relief maybe going for a walk being in nature reading a book taking a long bath anything that relaxes you is a good thing the next on the list is that get some sunlight right the sun is really good for us it can really help us improve our mood getting at least five minutes outdoors in the sun every day is a good thing.

Focus On Nutrition

So that’s my next tip and the ninth on the list is that focus on nutrition right focus on the nutrition of a particular food and that’s very very important because often we can consume something that’s labeled as diet or low fat or low sugar but it may be loaded with chemicals and preservatives and may really not be the best thing for us.

If we focus on the nutrition of a particular food then we will automatically make healthier choices make choices that are good for the body and focusing on nutrition right focusing on nutrient dense foods will also help us deal better with food deficiencies right it will be more unlikely to develop nutritional deficiencies if one is consuming nutrient dense foods.

Eliminate Sugar

Last tip would be to cut out eliminate sugar right if you cannot eliminate it at least reduce the consumption of sugar i have a video on my channel 10 signs of eating too much sugar you can watch that for to know exactly what sugar can do to our bodies but sugar has a lot of negative effects for our health right it can lower our immunity it can cause inflammation.

It can mess with our blood sugar control so it has a lot of harmful effects on the body so eliminating it or cutting back on sugar is a great great health change and so is reducing the intake of refined carbs refined carbohydrates such as white rice white bread refined flour things like that instead replace those with vegetables with tubers with maybe some oatmeal and focus on nutrient dense carbs as well so that’s my final tip that cut out or limit the intake of sugar and refined carbs

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